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“Cubic Zirconia by ATOM-MELON Gender: None Pronouns: She/Her/Hers Height: Weapon: Basically just a stick. Gem Type: Cubic Zirconia (Baguette Cut) Likes: Electronic music, talking to herself,.


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ok you chucklefucks really love giving me shit for this garbage so here we go: i made my gemsona before peridot was even canonically revealed on the sho. NEW OFFICIAL GEMSONA EXTREME

Galaxite by withery.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

General of the Geminoids.She´s the cruelest gem the Crystal Gems know, worse than Jasper. Destroying the Crystal Gems. [Basically, 14 as a gem]

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Steven Universe will be the death of me oml so I made my own shitty-ass rock fursona plz kill me.

Amber and Ametrine fusion. Ametrine is a very good friend of Amethyst.

I did a fusion with Amber and Ametrine! : D This was for Thursday quick fusion challenge plus I loved Boobuns gem so I couldn’t resist! Gemfusion - Amber and Ametrine

GEMSONA WEEK 2014: Bismuth

“ Bismuth by dozyghost Gender: Female Pronouns: she/her/hers Sexual Orientation: Pansexual Height: Weapon: staff Gem Type: Bismuth Likes: fighting, music-box songs, sweets, amusement parks, cool.


“Red Jasper / Jasper by thankyoucorndog Gender: Female Pronouns: she/her Height: Weapon: Energy fire and light Gem Type: Red Jasper (cracked) Likes: Quiet, soft textures, cool breezes, sleeping.


Gemsona - a character designed to fit in the Steven Universe universe.