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Life Lessons of Dragon Ball Z

I hate rage comics so much. Also note the implied sexism. Girls like Justin Bieber. Boys like Dragonball Z. <<< idk I'm a girl and I totally relate to this. Too many girls of my generation are into this stuff. Thank the Lord I grew up with dbz.

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I laughed a little too much on the forth one

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Bruh goals cx

Just Some Dbz Things. Giggled a little too much when I got to the "Wearing matching outfits with your best friend" picture.

Funny Dbz Poems

Funny Dbz Poems

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Bulma, Chichi, and Yamcha:

I love how complacent Vegeta is in this episode. Even when Yamcha is hitting on Bulma, he’s just back there, totally chill. He knows there is no competition WHATSOEVER.

Which dragon ball z technique did you learn?

Which dragon ball z technique did you learn?

Which dragon ball z technique did you learn? I got Dragon Fist

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Vegeta and Bulla .that one will be more Saiyan than Pan ever will be XD Look at Vegeta's smug, proud dad face!

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