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Kirby ate a Mog perler bead design by ~ioakanan on deviantART

Kirby ate a Mog

DeviantArt: More Artists Like Perler Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Michelangelo by

Kirby Super Star Perler beads by CraftberryPerlers

Kirby Super Star Perlers

Animal Kirby by Cristiaso

So I got an itch to do some fun things with perler beads.my solution was kirby, and lots of them!

Hama Mewtwo by ~tony-boi on deviantART perler bead design

edit: Front page on dA for the most popular of the past 24 hours. ^_^ I always REALLY LIKED Togekiss even though I've very rarely gotten it in my games. The light gray Nabbi beads were.

Kirby Band Hama Sprite por rinoaff10

deviantART: More Like Perler Bead Minecraft Sprites by ~thewiredslain

Kirby perler bead sprite

Kirby perler bead sprite

Bomb Kirby by Cristiaso

Bomb Kirby by Cristiaso

Smash Bros King Dedede Pixel Perler Bead by GeekMythologyCrafts

Items similar to King Dedede Super Smash Bros Kirby - Perler Bead Sprite Pixel Art Figure on Etsy

Kirby Super Star - Cutter Kirby perler beads by jrfromdallas

Keeping with my last perler idea, I'm trying to get several of the powers from Kirby Super Star made. This one is Cutter Kirby.