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Oh, this is adorable. But if i may make a correction; the chick called sherlock a psychopath. Anderson is the one who called him a freak :3

I know Sherlock is a strong person, but even the toughest of us will start to believe insults if they are hurled at us long enough. I feel like John is the sun after the storm that is Sherlock's life.


Lol his face lol ( you see Sherlock its not a weast of time the queen reads it hum) lol haha haha

I know this is a "Sherlock" thing but I think it'd be a great writing prompt as well.

Sherlock Holmes: An extraordinary brain that hides a pretty good heart. ----John Watson: An extraordinary heart that hides a pretty good brain. So true though

“We solve crimes. I blog about it and he forgets his pants. I wouldn’t hold out too much hope.”  —  John Watson

"I Don't Understand" Limited Edition

— John Watson (in response to being asked “Just once can you two behave like grown-ups?

I'd give just about anything for this to be real. COME ON FANDOM MAKE IT HAPPEN.

The Tale of Sherlock Rabbit by Beatrix Moffat because solving mysteries is more fun when you do it like bunnies.

Reminder to check all bonfires for Johns before lighting. (gif)

Reminder to check all bonfires for Johns before lighting. (gif) (Hedgehogs enjoy making homes in bonfire piles. Please look for any hedgehog families before lighting your bonfires.

Totally what happened!

Life After Reichenbach

Totally what happened! Sherlock hobbit crossover, after sherlock died