HerbalDrink c-sketch commission by Rhandi-Mask.deviantart.com on @deviantART (Exveemon)

Digimon-ing it up with ExVeemon! Commissioned by ~HerbalDrink, image by yours truly. HerbalDrink c-sketch commission

Virus Greymon by kaizer33226 on DeviantArt

Oh well Ill post it up now A small tribute to what would be one of my favorite digimon of the Vi.

Vuurstormon by neoarchangemon on DeviantArt

Veemon + digimental of courage and friendship Vuurstormon Tamer: Davis/Daisuke Height: Weight: Level: Dual Armor (Ult/Perf) Type: Beast Attribute: Vaccine Attack A: Storm of Courage Atta.