dyed tips for brown hair

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Brown,Turquoise and Teal Ombre` Hair

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Ok so if my.mom lets me I wanna dye my hair back to Brown and then get splat and do my ends? @alisonkelsey

idk I am super anti-box colors AND I have an amazing hair girl, butttt I get bored with my hair sometimes. soooo maybe it's worth a try?

Like this idea

Amazing Hair pastel balayage ombre inspiration hmm I wonder if this is how my hair will look tomorrow?

☮to dye for☮

Purple dip dye wanted purple hair for so long but not allowed the question is would I be allowed dip dyed?

Which DIY turquoise ombre hair dye would boost your confidence - Fashion Blog

Black & Blue Ombre Hair I'm actually going to be doing this to my hair soon :) but I'm either going to ask for a deeper blue or go turquoise.