Palermo, Sicily, Italy

{palermo photojournal} Take the Gun, Leave the Cannoli - off the (meat)hook

Cloud Nodes Photo - Catania and Mount Etna ~ Sicily, Italy 199490043135397 #etna #vulcano #sicilia #sicily

Cloud Nodes Photo - Catania and Mount Etna ~ Sicily, Italy

Day 7 - Sicilian Secrets Tour of Sicily Taormina, province of Messina , Sicily

homes, décor, gardens, nature, all things beautiful serene and cozy .


Luberon, Provence, France - so delightful! Definitely want to travel there. Or maybe live there.

Old Town Annecy, France

Annecy, France in the Rhone-Alpes region located about 60 miles east of Lyon. Gorgeous blue green water with the charm of old architecture. I 've already been there and it's beautiful I'm in love with this place

Qui!Coupon-Praga-Vacanza da sogno a #praga -149 € x1 anziché 299 € #viaggi #quiXte

Golden Lane - Prague My thoughts on Prague .I believe that Walt Disney got his inspirations from visiting Prague. It was a lovely and interesting city with twists and turns that made walking around an adventure! I loved Prague!

Taormina, Sicily, Italy

Greco-Roman Theatre - Taormina, province of Messina Sicily, Italy - I miss it so much :(