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The beach. Any beach. Pick a beach. That beach. The beach is probably my most favorite place in the world & I wish I was there right now!

i live I Canada so yeah but I want it full out nice snow and fluffy and snowing while u look at ur tree kind of white christmas

Snowy Night, Brooklyn, New York photo via independentlyy. We need some Gene Kelly,singing in the snow.

Go to a hot air balloon festival. -> Been there, done that. I actually went to one of those festivals with my parents and brothers when I was a little kid. We didn't go on a ride, but it was awesome anyways =)

I want to do around the world trip.

For the longest time ive been wanting to go so many places. I dream about places I will go.

petite femme jolie: What's On Your Bucket List?

bucket list: spend a holiday somewhere exotic Husband and I are trying to do a Christmas or New Years in the next couple of years.

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Asiklar koprusu-paris

Love lock bridge in Paris. The idea is, couples go to the bridge Passerelle des Arts in Paris. They write their names on a padlock and attach it to the bridges railing and then throw away the key in the Seine river to symbolize their undying love.

It blows my mind that there are people who have never done this. Sometimes I am very thankful to have been raised in the sticks.

done, we called them lightning bugs. maybe someday i can catch them with my kids :)

Idaho, Washinton, Oregon, California, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Minnesota, Missouri, Florida, Virginia, Kentucky, Indianna, Maryland, Delaware, Illinois & Washington D.C. Down!

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bucket list | before I die | gondola in Venice ✔

Bucket List: Ride in a gondola in Venice! A Valentine's Day vacation to Italy with Jeremy to ride in a gondola?