orrery. more potential inspiration for ceiling light fixture (chandelier?).


Solar system orrery! Tells you where all the planets are at any given time.

This is the kind of mechanism I was thinking for showing how different horoscope categories map to star signs


The 1780 Grand Orrery, designed by James Ferguson, is a complex clock. It is the zenith of the view of the world as a complex clockwork mechanism.

The Jagiellonian Clock, incorporating the Jagiellonian Globe, c.1510. The Globe…

Jagiellonian Clock incorporating the Jagiellonian Globe - 1510

ORRERY, 1791.   Orrery made by James Giles of London, England, 1791.

0175760 © Granger - Historical Picture ArchiveORRERY, Orrery made by James Giles of London, England,

Jones’s ‘New Portable Orrery’ - Trevor Philip & SonsTrevor Philip & Sons


Astrolabe- Turkey, Museum of the Institute of the arab world

dollhouse miniature scientific instruments | An armillary sphere (variations are known as spherical astrolabe ...

An armillary sphere (variations are known as spherical astrolabe, armilla, or…


A drum orrery by Harris & Co. circa The globe is labelled, Lane and…

Reproductions of Antique Scientific Tools

Maison et Objet - The Whimsical & Strange

Planispherical Astrolabe: The name "astrolabe" comes from the Greek word astro…

Epact: Astronomical Compendium signed by Charles Whitwell, circa 1600

Astronomical Compendium Signed by Charles Whitwell circa London Gilt brass and ivory; 66 mm in diameter