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he’s so cute

theavengers: “Sebastian Stan at the Apple Store Meet The Filmmakers: ‘Captain America: Civil War’ event on April 2016 in London, England.

Theo Scott - Annalis researcher *wizard* *smart* FAMILY: Son of: Mia Rozier…

I've been laughing about this for like 20 minutes. He's so adorable. I can't. XD

Oh Sebastian. I hate selfies but oh hunnie. Oh Sebastian you sweet, innocent thing, you!

Sebastian Stan

Sebastian Stan

Your pal. Your Bucky.

Ohmygod Stop! You're under arrest for being to cute. You have the right to dim those big, adorable, hopeful, puppy dog eyes. Anything you say can and will be squealed at.

Hi! My name is Jamie and I live in the US. I'm just another fangirl with many fandoms who started an...

Can we talk about how Sebastian wears his heart on his sleeve and cannot control his face when he is disappointed or excited <--- it's how he sits up with full attention looking to see where they are this man is an actual puppy-- hahaha.


Sebastian Stan was doing a photo op with a Winter Soldier cosplay couple when a proposal happened.

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