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Fibonacci sequence in nature

you will give a human form to the economy. The Fibonacci sequence in beauty is found in the human face. The most beautiful people have faces that closely adhere to this proportion.


Sacred geometry is an ancient science, a sacred language, and a key to understanding the way the Universe is designed. It is the study of

fibonacci spiral images in nature | Fibonacci Sequence | Catphi's Curiosities

Fibonacci Sequence

X-ray of a Chambered nautilus .Nautilus pompilius. The exquisite, multi-chambered shell of the nautilus serves as its protection as well as its flotation devise. It fills its shell with water when it wants to sink, dispels water to rise, and moves laterally through jet propulsion. The nautilus is a “living fossil”

X-ray Nautilus shell by Bert Myers. Love that I see nautilus shells all the time

fibonacci-wonderful nature

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Many of the spirals found in nature are based on the logarithmic principles of the Golden Section, such as the receding body of a plant as seen in this bokeh image.

The golden ratio (phi) in nature

Spirals occur everywhere in nature. Whenever I come across a snail it reminds me to go within to my centre Fibonacci patterns

Know matter what, no matter where, the koru effect is all around us … Tino ataahua - really beautiful ...

Not a fractal per se.but definitely a spiral and I love spirals too - from Desktop Wallpaper Digital Art Stone Spiral Creative Commons

Octopus Fibonacci.

The golden ratio in our world: 20 surprising photos that show the power of Fibonacci numbers, Octopus Fibonacci

Fibonacci - evident even in the smallest things

Fibonacci mathematics even in seeds ~ from galaxies to shells, to a spiral seed; photo by Jackson Carson