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Anomalocarimon X-Antibody - Wikimon - The #1 Digimon wiki

Anomalocarimon X-Antibody - Wikimon - The Digimon wiki

octomon by extyrannomon

octomon by extyrannomon

Digimon, Fangirl

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Always thought this was Gomamon   mega evolution, reguardless Pleismon is a gorgeous aqua digimon.

Did some digimon fan art for a change! I love gomamon and plesiomon~ Digimon © Bandai Art © Lanmana/Melissa Lee Gomamon and Plesiomon

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Digimon Adventure

Join us on our neverending adventure all around the DigiWorld and let us ignite your old/new love for the wonderful Digidestined. You might find a lot on the ships Mimato, Michi and Takari, as well as.


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