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This Mario wall mural is amazing. They painted it by hand using a projector. @Steff L this made me think of you. (Were you going to do Z's room Mario themed?)

A Gamer's Wall Mural Takes On a New Dimension

How to Create a Long Scrolling Background for a Website #graphicdesign #illustratortutorials #vectortutorials

The Best Tips And Tricks In The Web Design Business

AMERIKANISCHE Gesichter Plakat große bunte von PatsPaintedPrism

American Faces Poster is a composite print of 17 of my Face-A-Day contour drawings -- faces of women, men, and kids, from all parts of the US.

rex ray rugs:  if you haven't taken your kids to see Rise of the Guardians, it is unbelievable Russian art from start to finish.

Morning, Noon, and Night: When To Go To Ballet Class

senior picture ideas - Bing Images

really cool idea for Tyler cuz it has football (jersey and football), wrestling shoes and bat (put glove on end of bat) could just have a picture like the one in the background

Singapore-fashion-shoot-projection-photography-merged-with-street ...


We Are Respectful --- Code of Conduct for Pledge of Allegiance. Explaining how to act during the Pledge of Allegiance can be tricky with the littles… this simple reminder poster makes it a lot easier! By using positive language and three simple directions: stand up, look at the flag, and put your right hand over your heart, even your youngest learners will know how to be respectful!  #iteachtoo #iteachK #kindergarten #preK #america #pledgeofallegiance #teachinginthetongass #grade1

We Are Respectful --- Code of Conduct for Pledge of Allegiance

I'm planning on doing something like this for a self portrait, but I'm using oil paint for the black background instead.

Self Portrait Collage: "What is in Your Head?" Trace silhouettes, then fill in their head with a magazine collage of what is going on in their brain.