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Going to school in this bus would be awesome.

Schools Out! Unique bus This thing is slammed. Who wants to go for a ride on the short bus now?

Wacky RV Mash Up

Check out these wacky RV mash-ups. Wacky combinations such as two RVs as one, RVs on top of other RVs, & RVs paired with trains & planes.

handmade trailer

On the road in a Woodie A woodie (also rendered as woody) is the popular term for a car body style - especially a station wagon - where the rear bodywork is constructed of wood framework with infill.

Strange Olde Vehicle - 1935 SINGER -  Bus Like Sedan.

The Flying Tortoise: There's Some Seriously Strange Vehicles Out There.

Funny Shoe Car

Brown laced up shoe cars sport cars vs lamborghini cars sports cars


How many funkateers like custom design rides? Hit us with a few photos that u like. It was fun to know the year of every car/truck that came out.

Very cool Morris 'Bread Van' circa 1959/1960 “Very cool Morris 'Bread Van' circa 1959/1960”

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Want this

According to English Russia, a Russian guy designed this car using a modeling software. Then he and his friends got a Nissan Maxima "as a source for some parts" and built it. Looks like an all-terrain batmobile to me.

Wackiest Russian Vehicles | English Russia | Page 17

“panzerfluch: “ A completely ordinary Russian bus. Actually it’s the body of a locomotive on the chassis of a ICBM TEL.

lonelycoast: steampunkvehicles:Mystery bus from somewhere in the depths of HAMB (that forum has 3000 pages in one thread alone, took me six months to browse just that thread) Fuck me. That bad ass motherfucker is screaming to be rebuilt.

“The bus you are talking about was called custom family cruiser it was built by a man in his drive way from a bus and alot of old car parts, When it was finished it was even used in the charlotte thanksgiving day parade.


Yes, you read that right; these little beasties are street legal. Either Kawasaki or Honda motorcycle engines for power, and retired vintage bumper car bodies - transformed into the most awesome form of mini-car we've ever seen.