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Although this occurs with both genders, I can only speak to the female side. Whether a guy blows you off or disappears, why do females typically c…

bleeding love

"Safe Haven" is the second Nicholas Sparks film Lasse Hallström has directed, and he talks with The Seven Sees about using documentary style filmmaking to capture the on-screen chemistry between Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel.

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A great conceptual photograph communicates your message in a strong and special way with great photography abilities. Conceptual photographs, or the p.



Did your love story start at a coffee shop? Why not have a coffee shop engagement session! You could choose the same coffee shop for your love story shoot.

😲This couple they have shared for 65 years love via the photo.They are the sweetest ❤️❤️💑🙏 Who want to be this after 65 years later 💙🙌👋


I felt so safe warped up in his arms, but I let him go and I don't think I'll ever get him backb (Relationship Cuddling)

Con te....ogni cosa è possibile..ogni posto è casa..

I crave the most innocent parts of a relationship. Like holding hands and forehead kisses and being able to tell someone how much I absolutely adore them. I just crave you 💙



Authentic, at-home portraits. Engagement or Anniversary photography.

Intimate Lifestyle Photo Session in Brooklyn - Once Wed