Knuckle Deep: Aqua Splicer

Here's some more concept work I did for Games' Bioshock These images include early sketches, exploration, and final design (bottom im.

I love this kind of alien art.  This is a cool conceptual visualization of an alien "marsupial"

The Science Fiction and Wildlife Illustrations of Alex Ries by Grant Friedman, Alex Ries is a Melbourne-based illustrator and concept artist that specializes in science fiction, wildlife, and scientific art. His work often features real.

I think the descriptions are kinda dumb but the photos are really cool

Who would win?

CreatureBox • Inktober Day 13: My son asked me to draw a trucker...

Inktober Day My son asked me to draw a trucker that was half Lobster. Meet Marty the Lobsta'man.

Cool character design list two.

Game Character Design Create Your Own Roleplaying Game Books W Rpg Bard Wwwrpgbardcom Pathfinder Pfr

Boo XD

I really enjoy this piece because it shows character building through illustration and then digitized to come to life. _________________________________________ DARKLINGS by Juan Casini, via Behance