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Pokemon - Eevolutions & Starters from Moon and Sun: Leafeon & Rowler, Flareon & Litten, Vaporeon & Popplio.

The potential is amazing!

burntgreentea: “ Eevee Evolution Mural Inspired by the famous artist Alphonse Mucha.

by SeviYummy on devaintART

I love Eeveelutions way more than I should. Particularly Flareon, Sylveon, and Umbreon.

If only pokemon where real...

If only pokemon where real...

Evoluciones de los Pokémons mas conocidos

Pokemon My childhood.and my favorites are at the top. I love my ghost pokemon. My favorite pokemon is my Gengar, no doubt!

It Doesnt Matter if Flareon Has No Moves - Pokemon

It Doesn't Matter if Flareon Has No Moves

Don't look down upon thy Flareon. Although Flareon may not be the best, Flareon is adorable and lovable! <~~ I would take the Flareon! I love fire types! Flareon is my favorite one of the Eeveelutions!