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Otaku Issues #55, text; Otaku

No one understands when I say an anime character is hot. Friend: "ugh, he's not hot. how can people think he's attractive blah blah irrelevent comparison to boy bands blah blah" me: .*awkward laughter*<---- So true.

Hahaha yuss

I tell my mom about hetalia when she says anime never taught me any thing <<< pffft! I know more countries now than I did before watching Hetalia!

Well, actually Otaku is a huge insult! It means for like someone who watches weird anime in their moms house in the basement all the time, in the dark, and to never be seen by the sun again...kind of thing...so I'm not an "otaku" like that, just an anime/manga fan...

And don't forget English stuff, like Sherlock and Doctor Who.<<<<I'm sure otaku is just for anime and manga and games etc. Lol comment if I'm wrong so i know

Otaku Issues # 1

That is the number one problem ever, and if you disagree. But it is the biggest problem!