Love mlp!

I'm not into My Little Pony and all that Brony stuff but I think this is kinda cute.

My little pony

Sweet and Petite by demdoodles on deviantART…DAWWWWWW! (I still don't ship Rarity and Spike though.

Art by Geneva - MLP FIM as humans. Yep, this is pretty much how I see it.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic As Humans

I like this pin and all, but the fact that this isn't regular mlp or manga, kind of sets me off-guard!

oc milky way pony to human scale by shepherd 0821

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my little pony

Humans mlp - Vidia is officially a cosplayer and a Queen Chrysalis fan

My little Pony, my little Pony ... I never watched it but my daughter is obsessed!!  This generation made my ears bleed. So i watch it in Spanish or Japanese (firebrand)

Iconic '80s Characters That'll Bring You Back

I'm a child of the I loved My Little Pony and Care Bears and ThunderCats. But mostly I loved My Little Pony. I was a My Little Pony.