FAQ What are the specific birthstones for Virgo ? – Virgo Birthstone are Sapphire and Carmelian What are Virgo birthstone colors?

Attracting a Virgo

What a load of crap - key to attracting a Virgo: don't say too when you mean to; don't use the wrong there/their and be a bit innovative in your approach - don't treat us like we're one of a crowd lol! Attracting a Virgo

Its sooo complicated and difficult. To be honest

I just want a vise on my head to squeeze it all out . or just to be held quietly .

Virgo Daily Fun Fact

Yes sad but true. if You cross me the wrong way or you lose my trust, I can be a cold hearted bastard. it's just a defense mechanism I'm working on.

*Biggest Pet Peeves!

The Best Zodiac Facts

virgos dislike not finishing things, huge crowds, and people consistently in their business.

True I hate when people try to mess with me  It gets just worst

yup, i don't like people coming into my bubble, and i hate people messing with my comfort zone, i'm a true virgo!

Absolutely true for me

This is unfortunately true of most of us Virgos, but not something we do to intentionally hurt those closest to us 😞

Ahaha I dont know about that thoo

Virgo in love - finally! Something that doesn't make us sound like OCD nutjobs or a cold fish.