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A bunch of funny text messages. Screen captures of text message fails, auto correct and more. So funny.

funny ship right there. oh my gosh this goes on forever!

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Funny pictures about Text Puns. Oh, and cool pics about Text Puns. Also, Text Puns photos.


Yes true! Top 10 Most Funny iPhone Auto Correct Text Messages Fails

That's what josh gets for texting flirts to his girlfriends best friend and he can't be sneaky we always know what you guys are up too!!!

Funny Text Message Fail: That's what you get for trying to hit up your girlfriend's friend!

I Got Him Pregnant.

25 Dad Texts That Broke the Internet Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED

Wishful Thinking.

25 Most Luxurious Hotels Worth the Money Community Post: 31 Hilarious Dad Texts That Are Stupidly Awesome

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Funny Parents Text Messages-there are a few semi-inappropriate ones, but the others make are so funny.

This is so me

I was talking on my phone, talking to my best friend, and the entire time I was looking for it.I felt like an idiot.

What you should do when your best friend gets dumped…

Page 111 - Relationships - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED<<<<<<< me and my friends really need to make plans like this.

Hilarious Auto Correct blunders and funny texts and messages from your mobile phone!