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Looks Like the Alpacalypse Is Finally Here

Looks Like the Alpacalypse Is Finally Here

San Gaudioso catacombs- Naples... JESUS I TRUST IN YOU.

† aт тнe croѕѕ i ѕυrrender мy liғe † i'м in awe oғ Yoυ † wнere Yoυr love ran red and мy ѕin waѕнed wнiтe † i owe all тo Yoυ Jeѕυѕ †

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Photographs by Reuben Wu Title: Sigizmund Krhizhanovsky In a certain present there is more of the future than in the future itself


Juxtapoz Magazine - "Trent Parke – The Black Rose" @ Stills Gallery, Australia

© Kyle Thompson

ViralNova sits down with Oregon-based photographer Kyle Thompson to discuss his life, his work, and his latest photo series, 'Ghost Town.


probably how my husband feels right now. just hoping this issue at church dies down soon.