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Wojciech Luczak, Art-exlibris.net

Ex libris by Wojciech Luczak from Poland for Feliks Wagner (Poland, ~ Feliks Wagner was a Polish promoter of culture, collector (especially bookplates ) and organizer of art exhibitions.

Exlibris by Bruno da Osimo. Owner:	 	Hanns Heeren.  Country:	Italy.  Year:	 	1956 Techniques:	 	 (X1) Woodcut Search words:	 	 Unicorn, Fable Animal, Bird Phoenix, Pegasus**

Exlibris by Bruno da Osimo from Italy for Hanns Heeren - Fable Animal - Woodcut

J. Roczansk, Art-exlibris.net

Exlibris by J. Roczansk from Poland for Klaus Rödel - - Linocut

Auni Siim, Art-exlibris.net

Exlibris by Auni Siim from Sweden for Bo Siwers - Mermaid - Wood engraving


≡ Bookplate Estate ≡ vintage ex libris labels︱artful book plates - Ex libris for Albert Fair by Fernand Chalandre, 1919 wonderful woodcut

Lembit Lepp, Art-exlibris.net

Exlibris by Lembit Lepp from Estonia for Lembit Lepp - Portrait - Linocut

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Résultat de recherche d'images pour "bookplate"

Dr Georg Abelsdorff by P Voigt 1903. An opthalmologist's bookplate

An opthalmologist's bookplate from Microscopic Ex Libris . BibliOdyssey: Assorted Ex Libris

Phoebe A. Hearst Bookplate  Pratt Institute Libraries/Ex Libris

bookplate for Phoebe A. depicts woman in medieval style robe standing by window and bookshelves reading a book / Pratt Institute Libraries, Special Collections, NYC, USA

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Frank-Ivo van Damme born in he has engraved nearly ex libris in wood and copper earning an international reputation for his widely exhibited, award-winning works. Many of Van Damme’s wood or copper engraved bookplates are of an erotic nature.