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A west coast Canadian that enjoys doing Century medieval reenactment with the Society for Creative Anachronism, Pacific Association for Recreating the Middle Ages, and Adrian Empire.

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Auxiliares en una escaramuza, 2a Guerra Dacia 105 dC. Como curiosidad, según el libro, el legionario caído es de la Legio I Adiutrix formada con marinos, por lo que se le ha asignado el color azul distintivo naval.

Roman auxiliaries, are ambushed in a forest during the second Dacian War, 105 A. ~ art by Angus McBride

Painting Leather Boots | planetFigure | Miniatures

Grant Gellatly demonstrates simple and effective leather painting

Roman Soldiers of the latter half of the First Century AD.

The Brilliant young General & restorer of Roman Glory in Germania, GERMANICUS. He was the son of Nero Cladius Drusus, another prominent Roman General that scored victories against the tough Germans

coolkenack: “Does this look warm enough to you? ”

A Roman "Aquilifer" wearing a wolf skin. This shows how the sybolism of the wolf carried into many other aspects of Roman life.