The iconostasis of Tampere Orthodox Church, Finland - Photo: Cryonic07

The iconostasis of Tampere Orthodox Church, Finland - Photo:

Interior of Orthodox Church in Tampere, Finland

Interior of Orthodox Church in Tampere, Finland. My host dad took me here & pictures do NOT do it justice! | Ripon Cathedral | Canon EOS 10d : 28mm 1/10 & 1.5" @ f8 The east window inside Ripon Cathedral - 2 shots taken at different exposures and then HDR treated My best ever photo yet??? I am certainly extremely pleased with it :-)

The oldest Christian church: Ripon Cathedral, England. The oldest Christian church in the whole of England.

Church of Sant'Antonino, Italy, province of Piacenza , Emilia Romagna region.

Church of Sant'Antonino, Piacenza, Italy, province of Piacenza: Emilia- Romagna region.

Church of the savior st petersburg Russia    Architecturally, this cathedral differs from St. Petersburg’s other structures. The city’s architecture is predominantly Baroque and Neoclassical, but this church is medieval Russian architecture in the spirit of romantic nationalism.    The Church contains over 7500 square metres of mosaics—according to its restorers, more than any other church in the world. This record may be surpassed by the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis, which houses 7700…

The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood (Khram Spasa na Krovi) is one of the main Russian Orthodox cathedrals of St.

The Italian family business Luminaire de Cagna was the main attraction this year at the 2012 Light Festival in Ghent, Belgium.

Cathedral's Spectacular 55,000 LED Light Projection Mapping

Luminarie Cagna, cathedral + LEDs on display in Ghent, Belgium Festival of Lights.