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Death of a main character in a book versus a movie...

Death of a main character in a book versus a movie…

Death of a main character in a book versus a movie. True story about the book death.

Actually describes me pretty accurately

Yes I'm a book sniffer. I love old book smell. I love new book smell too. Completely different =)

Como gasto mi dinero? Libros!!

vintageanchorbooks: “ Sarah’s Scribbles by Sarah Andersen ” Although at Wegman’s I feel like doing this for Organic produce, to have something to Nom, while reading…hmm

"Real Nerd Girl Problem" | quickmeme » So true..... I end up wanting 85% of the store.

Positive Quotes – Real Nerd Girl Problem: Has more books than shoes. Positive Quotes n Description Are there people who don’t? (Also I’m very excited to have found a ‘real nerd girl’ problem.

When I'm almost done reading a good book.

LOL i love kids

Title: "I Am A Star Because." Possible ways to fill in the blank: Some people are stars

The dilemma of a reader.

*cough Veronica Roth cough* ~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~ --------*cough every author ever cough*

If you're gonna insult me, do it correctly.

if you're gonna threaten me, do it properly.>>If you want it to hurt, you have to be accurate>>>>> either way it's still gonna hurt

Story of every fangirl's life

I didn't choose the fandom life. Fandom life chose me.wait yes i chose the fandom life

Rhett Butler; Peter Pan; Clopin; Clark Kent/Superman; Lex Luthor (DON'T JUDGE); Gilbert Blythe; Angel; Han Solo; Anakin Skywalker (DON'T JUDGE ME FOR HIM, EITHER, OK); Indiana Jones; I'm sure there are so many more I am neglecting to mention... #NoShame

Lmfao so true! One of the biggest fangirl problem is shipping a fictional character with another character and yourself<----Litterally the worst feeling ever

Which one are you?

Fandoms Unite- PERCY Jackson The Hunger Games Divergent The mortal Instruments Doctor Who Avatar: The Last Airbender Harry Potter Narnia Star Wars- I'm a demigod a shadow hunter an initiate a narnian and and a hero

Hahaaha by AislingH

Divergent, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games, The Fault in our Stars! Lol I would do the Percy Jackson thing

its like my gloriously interesting other life suddenly ended... and realize the reality of my boring uneventful live...

Exact feeling after reading the Hunger Games and Mortal Instruments and Divergent.