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Triangles that form other geometric shapes - .tumblr | GMUNK

A visually appealing galleryAndry Gilmore is a master of color and geometric composition. Andy Gilmore’s work is often characterized as kaleidoscopic and


Kaleidoscopic Artworks by Andy Gilmore

This design reminds me of a merge of LED lights, very close together. I really liked the colours used and the colours merged into eachother, also the variety and size of the hexagons merge well also. this image shows that it was mostly done on the computer as the shapes and colours are well merged together. The majority of art piece is very light, however someone of the work has shades of dark purple and blacks.

Welcome to excites, the portfolio of graphic designer and illustrator Simon C Page.

1897 crayon colors...my kind of colors

Color chips representative of A. Faber's various Wax Crayons or Creta Laevis Pencils. Kenneth Franzheim II Rare Books Room, William R. Jenkins Architecture and Art Library, University of Houston Libraries (Public Domain).

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Simon Page created a bunch of really great geometric pattern wallpapers for the newest generation) iPad. The wallpapers look great on the new retina screen. This is the first iPad I've owned a.


Cuben series by Simon Page A whole lot of wallpaper designs. Pretty much any of these would be super rad as a quilt. I might have to do one of these as a quilt!