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I like TOP's because in his elementary through high school years he was A LITTLE chubby. Seungri, I think you are too ;

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Big Bang's Evolution From Left to right; Taeyang, Daesung, TOP, GD and Seungri.

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Poor Panda xD

Poor Panda the camera man was like no this is going to get ugly

160820 G-Dragon - BIGBANG 0.TO.10 Concert in Seoul

160820 G-Dragon - BIGBANG 0.TO.10 Concert in Seoul

D-Lite in Distress | allkpop Meme Center Awww, don't worry Daesung oppa, we love you too!

D-Lite in Distress.LOL I laughed so hard but I also felt bad for daesung! I had no idea GD was in this video until I watched it!

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TOP 10 Kpop ABS TOP is the only one that can make a list like that fully clothed and still have us swooning lol!