girls at hammock

Spent today with my best friend,I love our time together.what would life be without best girlfriends?

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One labor day Sherry, Chris, Josh, Dexter and I had a picnic ifo Driftwood Inn in Vero Beach Fl and after dark we shot off fireworks from the beach over the ocean.Ahhh it was so much fun.

the one in the black top looks like Dana @anneforester  @ksforester

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so, today's national best friend day, and I wanted to write something for my online bestie. she may not consider me her online best friend, but I do her.

mads kels

(Open w/ Téa)I walk across the road as the paparazzi snap pictures of me. The lights flash ,and I turn to smile for them. I cross the road to see you staring at me.

Yep its really awkward

{this weekend} let's go to the lake

There's not many things that top sitting on a dock on the lake in the summer

Sitting on the dock of the bay #DestinationSummer #BFFs

Loving a Lakeside Summer Vacation

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. Khalil Gibran

12 Adult Summer Camps That Will Reawaken Your Inner Child

go canoeing with my best friends.we would so tip the canoe in the middle of the lake