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Abandoned Nun's Quarters at the Leper Colony on Chacachacare Island in Trinidad

Abandoned Nun’s Quarters at the Leper Colony on Chacachacare Island in Trinidad. ethan_kahn: “another angle of the house. Chacachacare is an abandoned island.

This is just sad..what potential!

Another great page for beautiful photos of old abandoned buildings/homes. It will never cease to amaze me and sadden me at the beauty that has been left behind. I would love to know the stories left within their walls.

Destroyed and Abandoned

These old churches remind me of what makes this country great and how the pioneers made it across the plains. Sad that this old church is allowed to fall into such disrepair.

The Beautiful Abandoned Higdon Hotel | The hotel was built c… | Flickr

The Beautiful Abandoned Higdon Hotel.The hotel was built c. 1890 by Calvin Higdon and was opened until It is located on Childers Creek Road in Reliance, Tennessee.


Abandoned house near Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Storm clouds are coming, but this house has seen its share of storms and is still standing. - Home decor and design

underwater-ruins-shicheng-ancient-city-china..n its article 7 Underwater Wonders of the World, WebUrbanist wrote that “China’s submerged Lion City may be the most spectacular underwater ruins of the world, at least until more of Alexandria is explored.”

The Magnificent Underwater Ruins of Shi Cheng City

Chinese flooded Lion City, also called Shi Cheng. More than half a century ago, the Chinese flooded Lion City, also called Shi Cheng. Recently Shi Cheng was explored by archaeologists who dubbed ‘Lion City’ as China’s ‘Atlantis rediscovered.

Abandoned house

Abandoned Building in the spa town of Băile Herculane, Romania. The town has a long history of human habitation. Numerous archaeological discoveries show that the area has been inhabited since the Paleolithic era. Photo taken with HDR photography.

Gallilee Steel’s NY Offices

'stairway to heaven': Galilee Steel administrative office* - Matthew Christopher's Abandoned America