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Andy Warhol Endangered Species: San Francisco Silverspot, screenprint on Lenox Museum Board, signed in pencil, x cm. The first in a series of live and online auctions to raise money.

warhol endangered species series | Andy Warhol's endangered species three decades on

Black Rhinoceros (From the Endangered Species Series), Andy Warhol "hey baby"

Andy Warhol, Giant Panda, for Endangered Species (F. and S. B.295), 1983

Andy Warhol's psychedelic endangered animals – in pictures Andy uses the colour red on the pandas fur instead of the natural fur colour black and white. This shows anger as nothing has been done about the endangered issue of the panda.

Inner Art: Andy Warhol... Estrella del Pop Art.

Inner Art: Andy Warhol... Estrella del Pop Art.