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Bloody Causeway, Northern Ireland

Photo of Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland, at sunset, "Bloody Causeway," by Michael Breitung.

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Dark Hedges, Antrim, Northern Ireland by eggNdart

The Stunning Tree Tunnel You Saw On ‘Game Of Thrones’ is REAL And Can Be Found In Northern Ireland (dark hedges in co.

Pinner said "The Giant Causeway in Northern Ireland" - Had no idea that was an actual place.  Could explain the name choice on a local pub that has had three names in 4 years.  HUM!

The Giant Causeway, County Antrim. There are almost of the ballast hexagonal columns, formed 60 million years ago by magma that spewed and cooled along the coast

The Hexagonal Rocks of Giant's Causeway in County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Hexagonal rocks of Giant’s Causeway, Antrim County, Northern Ireland by Danny Boy

Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland

Sunset, the Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland. The Giant's Causeway is an area of about interlocking basalt columns, the result of an ancient volcanic eruption. It is also known as Clochán an Aifir or Clochán na bhFomhórach.

"Medieval Dusk" Dunluce Castle is a now-ruined medieval castle in Northern Ireland.

Medieval Dusk Stephen Emerson Dunluce Castle is a now-ruined medieval castle in Northern Ireland. It is located on the edge of a basalt outcropping in County Antrim, and is accessible via a bridge connecting it to the mainland.

The White Rocks, Northern Ireland                                                                                                                                                     More

The White Rocks, Northern Ireland, literally 10 mins from my house - looks pretty amazin in this photo!