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instead of a piggy bank, it is now transformed into a more industrial retro-modern taste

Suck UK In Case of Emergency Break Glass Money Box Coin Bank Fire Alarm Designed

"Muwi", Automatically Cuts Grass and compresses the clippings into shapes to play with!!!-- WHY DO I NOT HAVE THIS.

‘Muwi’ automatically cuts the grass! The cut grass is stored inside. It then compresses the cut grass into ball or disks to play with/compost. Best lawn mower EVER! This makes me want to have a lawn to mow!

Buy All These Creative Household Gadgets!

Buy All These Creative Household Gadgets!

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Funny pictures about Just some stuff I wish I had in my life. Oh, and cool pics about Just some stuff I wish I had in my life. Also, Just some stuff I wish I had in my life.

@Rylee Ulrich you need one of these.

Sometimes, a simple clock app is all you need to wake up in the mornings, but other times, nothing can get you out of bed. When the latter happens, one of these three alarm clocks may come in handy.

WHY hasnt someone thought of this already?! Brush that holds hair accessories. Theres a pull out drawer in the handle too to hold bobby pins!

Brush with a place for bobby pins. And hair ties. ( great idea because i always loose my hair ties and bobby pins.

iCat for iPhone. I really want one.Please.

iCat Ear Plug For iPhone

Kitty cats are crawling on your iPhone 4 / / 5 with Pink Company's 'iCat Earphone Jack Covers'

Color Picker Pen!!   Korean designer Jinsu Park designed a concept pen that adopts the eyedropper tool of photoshop for real life.

Color Picker

Scan a real life color and start using it in a pen. Coolest thing I've ever seen

YES please!!!!

An Ice Cream Pint Combination Lock. I need this for someone to lock up the ice cream on me so it's safe.

My sisters have the glowing lightnight and you can change it to any color! I mean you can get any color from the color wheel! It's awesome!

Something pretty!

Cool Invention

Cool Inventions

these are pretty cool.the one with the baby is genius. and the brush thing is pretty cool.

A"cultural competency workshop" offered at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has determined that flesh colored band-aids are just another example of white privilege.      This conclusion came by way of a segment of the workshop that surveyed the different aspects of white privilege and its pervasiveness in society. In fact, the "white privilege survey" found that said privilege "is more powerful than other types of benefits afforded by society."    &#1...

Chameleon band-aid--> This adhesive bandage changes color to match your skin tone.