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"the aim of every artist is to arrest motion…" -Faulkner


Arkiv for Dansk Design

Federico Pietrella - Work, 1997-2016

Federico Pietrella - Work, 1997-2016

Sean Fennessy

Newcastle home of Juliana Foong (High Tea with Mrs Woo) and her partner Benjamin Paul Gallagher.

Federico Pietrella creates works armed only with ink and traditional library date stamps.

Vintage Dorm Rooms of Our Dreams

Smart Spaces: Vintage Dorm Rooms of Our Dreams -

fuckyeahvintage-retro: “A student lounges while studying in her dorm room. New York, © Vassar College Archives ”

Love this!

The hushed, muted tones of fall. I love the sense of serenity that they evoke! This whole scene breeds peace. >>> except the noose like tire swing.

Yves Leresche photographe suisse lausanne – photo reportage – Gypsies . Rroms . Rroma . Tsiganes . Tziganes

Finally found a list of the old names for herbs, on the Gypsy Magic website: Eye of newt sounds less icky when you find out it's referring to a spotted mustard seed.and dragon's blood comes out of a tree, not a dragon.

ink and wood pens

ink and wood pens. This was my favourite medium when I was in art school. Teaches you to embrace mistakes and see them as something beautiful - Nancy Pickett.

Historic Photos of the Last Trams in London in July 1952

What would you do if London buses went out of service? Terrifying thought isn't it? Well, on July 6 1952 London’s trams ceased being a conve.

July 6, 1942 -The Frank family went into hiding in an annex Amsterdam. They would be joined by four other Jews and they were all found and arrested on August 4, 1944. To this day, it is not known who tipped off authorities.

Picture of the Frank family -- Margot, Otto, Anne and Edith Frank on Merwedeplein in Amsterdam,

A Gentleman and his horse

AMERICAN CIVIL WAR ¥ This is a rare picture of General Robert E Lee with Traveler, looking tired, muddy & miserable with the weight of the Confederate world on his shoulders.

New Mexico: Russ said he also realized 'how little' he needed to 'be happy and just to live'.'As long as I could eat and have stuff to wear, I don't need a whole lot else,' he said

Photographer train hops across the American Southwest with an iPhone

Photographer train hops across the American Southwest with an iPhone and a sleeping bag 2

Winter men's boho chic look. HAHAHAH!!! Yes!! This is hilariously awesome! I like it!

Hobo Haute Couture

Galliano Men's wear 2011 inspired by Russian Ballet. Textured jacket with peeking out sweater cuffs