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The Supernatural Family Has a GIF for Everything [I can even think of a better one for My Little Pony, lol! When Sam and Dean had to drive that one car that Dean hated, there was a toy pony hanging up that Dean angrily threw back xD ].

(gif set) Supernatural 9x01 "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here" ||| Ezekiel!Sam (Gadreel) | Jared Padalecki's Acting

I knew I liked JarPad as an actor before season but it was mostly eh to me. I mean sure he had some pretty great moments in earlier seasons. But season I mean, DAMN. JarPad is a GOOD actor.

what will season 10 be like. << the differences for both Sam and Dean from season 6 to 7 is so sad! :"( You can just see how much they aged between one season

Sam, Sammi, Sam Winchester

Sam Winchester is the killer you don't want to meet. Sam Winchester is the guy that will never stop hunting you if you hurt his family. Sam Winchester is not a nice man.

This just shattered my heart and soul<<<I'm crying and my friend next to me thinks I'm insane

Did I just cry over a car? I don't approve of this pain. How dare you put water in my eyes.<--- Not just a car. Never forget that OW. MY HEART. <--- All of these things. This is not okay.