There are some people who don't like the nicknames that they are given... And then there's Jared...

Someone gave Jared moose antlers, and he proceed to head butt Jensen's arm. <- Because what else are you suppose to do with a pair of fake moose antlers?

(gif set) Supernatural 9x01 "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here" ||| Ezekiel!Sam (Gadreel) | Jared Padalecki's Acting

I knew I liked JarPad as an actor before season but it was mostly eh to me. I mean sure he had some pretty great moments in earlier seasons. But season I mean, DAMN. JarPad is a GOOD actor.

Aww I loved this

[gifset] Jared's reaction to the understand of AKF candles :) warms my heart! - the video of this is amazing, and you can tell that Jared is trying not to cry. It's so awesome that the fandom came together to be able to do that for him