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Taylor Ceramics // New York November Market #renegadecraftfair

Porcelain Striped Planters

ceramic mug with rosemary plant

Living, growing, organic stuff is cool. (I sound like such a hippie but we should probably be careful not to take that too far - I'm really not much of a hippie in real life. I just like to be good to people, earth and all that, ya know?

Cork Planter Large by MelanieAbrantes on Etsy

Medium Cork Planter by Melanie Abrantes Designs available at Scoutmob now. The place to get inspired goods by local makers.

Hand-thrown cups in the perfect hues! #LGLimitlessDesign & #Contest

Dawn Vachon Ceramics : Handcrafted cups by Dawn Vachon - slab-built, stoneware clay with various stains and clear glaze.