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14 Wildly Successful Women Who Were Late Bloomers - Judi Dench

THR caught up with the "Philomena" Oscar nominee, who has been largely absent from the awards campaign trail, to discuss the impact of her macular degeneration, her "best friend" and why she still works days.

old couples in love beach

The Lovers - 60 cm x 80 cm Oil on canvas There is not much I can say about this painting except that it expresses a wish that my wife and I be able to grow old together. To me, there is more beauty in the couple holding hands than there is in the sunset.

Why French women age well. A great article about French beauty and self preservation.

Frenchwomen’s Secrets to Aging Well

Frenchwomen’s Secrets to Aging Well - The New York Times - Catherine Deneuve, left, Ségolène Royal, center; represent the French approach to aging gracefully, as does the woman on the street.

13-womens fashion over 50

15 Women Fashion Ideas Over 50 To Try

Belladonna verdigris chiffon coat, white crepe trousers and vest, chiffon scarf - layers :) and the feature item can be the necklace if you're into that

Learn what the 0 to 10 pain scale really means and how to use it most effectively so that your pain is taken seriously. #fibromyalgia

This is total bullshit for chronic pain sufferers! I'm pretty sure most of us have 2 pain levels- tolerable and intolerable!

Italy is a 'dying country'--to few births and ageing rapidly

Italy is a 'dying country' says minister as birth rate plummets

Old people in love is something we see frequently now. These old people fell in love when it wasn't okay to just leave each other when things got hard.

Very cute and simple.

Stitch Fix

Dear Stitchfix stylist, I don't like the patterns on this shirt, but I like the cinched style. I don't like skinny jeans like these - they are uncomfortable.

Consejos para combinar leggings y vestidos : fotos ejemplos #leggings #vestidos

Consejos para combinar leggings y vestidos : fotos ejemplos

Say No To Aging Gracefully Age With Gusto. this will be me in my Crone Phase

Loose Fitting Linen Shirt Blouse for Women(C) - Off-White - Women Clothing…

big gathering pocket across the front

MISS JOSETTE : striped apron cross in the back, striped petticoat ruffles 3 linen , pink linen dress buttoned down