Sherlock: "Don’t make people into heroes, John. Heroes don’t exist, and if they did, I wouldn’t be one of them.

Sherlock/The Great Mouse Detective

Basil the Great Mouse Detective such a great movie. Very awesome that the new Sherlock season has a reference in it :) Wait wait like Basil Rathbone?

Richard Brook and Moriarty.... TWINS?!? <----- interesting theory

Richard Brook and Moriarty<<<But it's never twins, remember? It's never twins. <<<<< but what if he was wrong! Oh my gosh it might be twins!


I thought it was pretty significant Sherlock would even let Anderson in his mind palace to begin with.

THIS IS THE BEST THING IVE SEEN ALL DAY!!! If I saw this in a bookstore I would undoubtedly scream and squeal and just stare at it for like 3 minutes. Then I would buy like 5 copies and feel utterly pleased with myself.

You Wish Your Bar Mitzvah Was This Fabulous

Sherlock-- written by Mark Gatniss and Steven Moffat, the international trolling duo. Infinity times better than twilight.

Ahhhh! I cant take all these things fandoms find. My heart cant take it. It hurts too much!

And then the reason Sherlock looked so sad at the end is because he thought John didn't care. (This would be an awesome fan fiction to write.) >>> OHMYFUCK IT HURTS

The "Sherlock" Season 3 Finale Caused Tumblr To Self-Destruct

The "Sherlock" Season 3 Finale Caused Tumblr To Self-Destruct

John Watson - Martin Freeman  Sherlock Holmes - Benedict Cumberbatch

We can't giggle; it's a crime scene. Uhm, this is us during movies--only we do giggle! Actually, we buy the movie and fast forward to places we aren't supposed to laugh at

You know you read that in his voice.

Moriarty calls you maybe haha i read this in his sing-song voice

Sherlock I freaking love this saying, it's so beautiful...  Don't stand by my grave and weep For I am not there, I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow I'm the diamonds glint on snow I am the sunlight on ripened grain I am the gentle autumn's rain. Don't stand by my grave and cry. I am not there. I did not die.

They did not just quote my favorite poem! "Do not stand by my grave and cry. I am not there. I did not die.

I know this is a "Sherlock" thing but I think it'd be a great writing prompt as well.

Sherlock Holmes: An extraordinary brain that hides a pretty good heart. ----John Watson: An extraordinary heart that hides a pretty good brain. So true though

I did!!

In both instances I think Yes, yes I have missed you. A lot. More than I was supposed to. In fact, I really really missed you and am now extremely excited youre back. And in both instances, they were taken from me.

'Twas the night before Sherlock... [GIF]  (This is perfect. I'm judging you if you don't find this perfect!)

PART 59 (two more weeks until Arrested Development!)

'Twas the night before Sherlock. [GIF] (This is perfect. I'm judging you if you don't find this perfect!<- why am I laughing this hard?