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This is important okay... also when are they going to make one for D.O I'm waiting !!

Height Chart : Baekhyun why do I feel that Baek just said his height taller than Chen just to troll him?

Exo Terra : Exo Terra UVB Bulb Index

Exo Terra : Exo Terra UVB Bulb Index hahah my animal is not listed.

Height Chart : Suho

Height Chart : Suho ^~^ I'm below his ear hahaha XD

Height Chart : Sehun

Height Chart : Sehun - I'm at his shoulders 😅 so short me

V and Baekhyun during the end of Gaon Chart (1/2)

*sniff* A Tearful reunion between mother (beakhyun) and child(v). V and Baekhyun during the end of Gaon Chart

#wattpad #fanfic Ésta es la historia de una pareja, y su hermoso y adorable hijo. Chanyeol y Baekhyun tendrán que lidiar con las diferentes etapas de su querido Taehyung, y éste tendrá que soportar los fuertes sonidos que venían de la habitación de sus padres, porque ellos simplemente no pueden evitarlo. _¡Bienveni...

Mamá y Papá. [VKOOK-CHANBAEK] - "24"

Que coisa linda bicho adroro// Baekhyun EXO Taehyung BTS

Height Chart: Luhan 鹿晗 | I'm 175cm haha | EXO 엑소

Height Chart : Luhan ^~^ I'm below his chin Hehe cx

Height Chart : Chanyeol<-------I only go to his shoulder and from like the very top of my head we would be soooo cute

Height Chart : Chanyeol/// I would come up to somewhere around his eyes/ears

Oh Se-hun - 2016 Gaon Chart K-pop Awards red carpet.jpg

Đẳng cấp 'soái ca' của 4 mỹ nam Kpop khi bị chụp lén nơi công cộng