G-Dragon (scrumptious!!)

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G-Dragon x 8 Seconds

Jiyong has lost so much weight, it shows how hardworking he is. I hope he is healthy despite his weight. I swear I couldn't recognize him after the weight loss. Love you bae

160911 G-Dragon - VIP Fanmeeting in Kaohsiung


Kwon Ji Yong 권지용 aka G-Dragon 지드래곤 is an inspiring musical artist and rapper. (Leader of the group Big Bang.) It's virtually impossible not to fall in love with this man. Born August 1988 so naturally, 8 is a special number for him.

G-Dragon on instagram

Đây chính là chiếc mũ mang thương hiệu riêng của G-Dragon.

My dragon boy #gdragon #gd #kwonjiyong #bigbang #vip #viplove #sexy #cute #kpop #kpoplove #oneofakind

G-Dragon OOAK Making Collection Photobook One of the kind

170122 G-Dragon - BIGBANG0.TO.10 The FINAL in Hong Kong

170122 G-Dragon - BIGBANG0.TO.10 The FINAL in Hong Kong

Bigbang G Dragon, Dragons, Ji Yong, Gd, Train Your Dragon, Kite, Dragon

G-Dragon (scrumptious!!)

“Remember when Gdragon went swimming then head straight to the airport?