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I love the large stitching and how everything is mismatched on her armor. I also love how much stuff is hanging off her belt.////Kind of the armor style I was thinking of - Torsten would have hodge-podge armor.


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Princesa La Guerrera Del Amor ƸӜƷ - Comunidade - female armor always get the boobcups when illustrators take a shot at it. Ref it gdammit!

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petermorwood: “ elfslavewatdo: “ “Knight’s Sword” [Artist: Aberiu] ” This is how “female armour” should be done. It’s armour that gives proper protection, and it’s worn by a female who knows how to.

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Iron warrior skin refitted into platemail. Often seen by frontiersmen "knights" or imperial soldiers stationed at the front door extended periods of time.