A conscious effort to make an office conducive to comfort and collaboration is a very good investment.

15 Modern Office Furniture and Layout Trends (Infographic)

Design to Inspire (Infographic)

Design to Inspire (Infographic)

A new office space in Providence - a short commute for almost every employee, private office for jess and margy, open floor plan for agents and a studio to rent out

Interior Design By Decade | Visual.ly

Lovely informational one pager showcasing how interior design has changed over the previous decades. The long one page website is really well done with interactive hotspots of information overlaying the beautiful illustrations of furniture. A shout out to

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Are your work spaces well lit, do they invoke good work ethic? Evolution 7 by Hecker Guthrie Photo: Shannon McGrath

These 12 Office Design Tips for Increased Productivity will give you a few areas and tips that you can implement into your work space.

Office productivity is essential for today’s businesses. With more workers choosing to work from home they need to be informed of how to make their

Strip Mall Design Plans Average strip mall office

Modern Floorplans: Single Floor Office - The maps in this title can also be found in Modern Floorplans Volume Office Spaces.

Office design has a huge impact on employee performance and happiness. From old office cubicles to modern day telecommuting, here are the pros and cons.

Why Your Office Design Truly Matters

When it comes to offices, design and layout play an essential part in the productivity of the workers. Although there is no perfect office.

Learn how to make your office more productive in this graphic from @mainstreethost (via @HubSpot)

Looking to maximize productivity at your office? Check out this resourceful office layout for great ideas.

Who said workstations are old and boring? Haworth, Inc. got it right with their Intuity Benching

Ide meja kerja Who said workstations are old and boring? got it right with their Intuity Benching