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Also known as: spring clean your closet and THEN go and buy clothing you like. (Probably best when you start getting your own salary!)

There are 2 tips to buy these jeans: floral beautiful flowers cool swag summer fashion spring pants blouse jewels pants tight bottoms white white floral cute hight waisted white white crop top sweater.

A.K.A dress more feminine, wear makeup, do my nails and develop a skin and body care routine to help take better care of myself

I am not as girly as I would like! need to set a list of how to do this! and stick to it for at least a year>>>> I'm a mixture of a tomboy and a girly girl

Be Friends With a Celebrity!

Oh yeah. But the only celebrities that I wanna be friends with are dead. :( I mean Audrey Hepburn, Peter Lawford, and Robin Williams! Though I wouldn't mine being friends with Bailee Madison or ooooooh Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson.

Lets do it

Would be awesome to do this! Everyone could help design adorable outfits and get cute props and we could go everywhere and take adorable photos! I have a camera all we need is someone to take pictures

If I can inspire at least one person, my whole life would be complete. ~Bucket List~

As a future teacher, mother and aunt my goal is to be someone's role model. Being someone's role model will encourage me to always put forth my best. I would be honored to be someone's role model because I would feel that I am respected and admired.