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hair Braids Emerald green hair - Pantone colour of the year 2013 ponytail with overlaid braids at marchesa spring 2013 braid.


Messy Bun 101

How cute is this bow bun? DIY hair bow bun tutorial, Hairstyle, Haircuts – Step By Step Hair Tutorial, Joshua Perets Lifestyle

1.Start by adding a wave to your hair. 2. Put your hair half up, separating into two small ponytails right next to each other. 3. Twist the right ponytail in a downward motion and slide a bobby pin into the base near the ponytail holder. This will keep it anchored as you twist. 4. Wrap the ponytail up and over as you see in photo 4 to create the top of the heart. Keep twirling in same direction. 5.Add bobby pins to these 3 places. 6.Repeat 7. Add one more bobby pin at the bottom.

Sød ide til valentinsdag❤️ Heart-shaped hairstyle. With curly hair, the look would prob be less obvious, in a perfectly romantic -yet more grown up- kind of way

French braid trick

Unbelievably Mom Braid hairstyles Every Morning Before School

Zigzag braid- this would be a good one for volleyball tounraments, practices or games :)

23 Creative Braid Tutorials That Are Deceptively Easy