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Nuwa is the goddess who separated the heaven from the Earth, creating the Divine Land (China) Chinese Creation Myths - Crystalinks
Goddess Tou Mou
Liễu Hạnh is one of the Four Immortals, divine beings worshipped by the people of Vietnam’s folk faith in the Red River Delta region. A daughter of the Jade Emperor, a central deity in Taoism and other East Asian theology, She has been incarnated on earth multiple times. Liễu Hạnh supports female emancipation, poetry and is an embodiment of female power.
confucius | Confucius | M Lam World History Confucianism is another religion that affected the lives of the Chinese people.
Hades by Lynne Anderson / lynneanderson
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Hsi-Ho represents today,motherhood and nature. August 14th.