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Weapons from Reznick's treasure chest, an item catalogue for a D&D game company. The concept is a chest that can be summoned at all times and be bought from Used the opportunity to try and impr.


Compare these silhouettes to warframe, while a bit too bulky at the shoulders they do cut a more "aggressive" shape

ArtStation - Dragon Age - Items, Linda Lithén

Consider this me lovingly whispering 'no' to the mage robes in DA: O. Kept the gloves and boots from the standard Warden armor set, figured she and Alistair would've worn that until Lothering.

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38 Studios Weapons The designs are particularly creative--between that and the colors there is a charming element to the props.

RPG Female Character Portraits — D&D 3rd Edition Armor: Planar Handbook, Sandstorm,...

D&D Edition Armor: Planar Handbook, Sandstorm, Races of the Wild, Stormwrack, Pathfinder Core Rulebook

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Horse Armour is armour for stallions. Throughout the late Middle Ages as armour insurance for knights ended up being more adequate, their mounts ended up being targets.

Skyrim: Valkari Character Turn-Around by the-Orator

A Character turn-around of my Skyrim Nord character Valkari. These are some of the most common clothing/armor I have worn in the game. Skyrim: Valkari Character Turn-Around