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Schnauzer by pearl808

And You Still Think Your Schnauzer Is Clever? We'll Prove You Wrong 28 Times

Spike :) SChnauzer pup <3

Miniature Schnauzer – Smart and Obedient – Pup Home

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Ranked as one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, the Miniature Schnauzer is a cute little square faced furry coat. It is among the top twenty favorite

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Schnauzer in Japanese Style

A schnauzer is a tiny sized German breed dog. What makes it different from other breeds is its muzzle’s heavy whiskers and wiry coat. Its name derived from a German word which means “snout” and “mu…

now this schnauzer looks JUST LIKE my fella. Ears are exactly the same

Things Every Miniature Schnauzer Owner Knows To Be True. All I know is that the expression on this fellow's face is absolutely priceless.


Miniature Schnauzer – Smart and Obedient – Pup Home


Mini Schnauzer puppy. Love the beard! Is it brown. I've never seen a brown miniature schnauzer before.

Miniature Schnauzer - Smart and Obedient

Beatuiful Miniature Schnauzer Puppies South Florida looks like our mini schnauzer bichon cross only he is white!

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this is Henry's favorite thing to do! Must see about getting the squirrel camouflage.

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Miniature Schnauzer – Smart and Obedient – Pup Home