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New photo of Misriah Armory's D77-TC their new troop transport ordered by the UNSC [1623x1217]

Spaceship by Reno Lonewolf Levi and Cki Vang. (via Reno Lonewolf Levi) More space ship here.

EDF Super Space Battleship Elektra (Space Battleship Yamato- Starblazers universe)

In-Progress: EDF Super-Battleship Electra - Resin Illuminati

In the sci-fi game Dreadnought, you take the helm of a gargantuan spaceship for all-out tactical action warfare in space and across the skies of distant worlds.

The Nox is the only Artillery Cruiser with a firing arc, which gives it the ability to shoot targets at any angle. While its Particle Turrets inflict only moderate damage, they're quick to reload-and a perfect complement to a ship that travels light.

Spartan MX III by PINARCI.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Blender Model ,Cycles Render , all procedural cycles materials , 200 passes at 2048 x 2048 . Model in detail , [link] Spartan MX III

Pic test - Page 7 - Alternate History Discussion Board

A new reference image of the Delta Navy Ship Vermilion Hope, a Delta Squadron cruiser (previously a frigate, but I'd prefer it to be a big ship. I like big ships). DNS Vermilion Hope is Delta Squad.