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Learn About Taking Care Of Guinea Pigs. Photo by petercooperuk Guinea pigs, also called “cavies” are perfect for households with kids.


10+ Guinea Pigs With The Most Majestic Hair Ever


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Does this bow make my nose look big? Gotta love that guinea pig face and those sweet little feet.Looks kinda like my guinea pig

This is so my Guinea pig

This is so my Guinea Pig! Guinea Pigs' Cavy Club Tips & Pics: Guinea Pig Funnies Just for Fun

- Sweeet!

Baby Guinea Pigs - Is there anything cuter than a guinea pig? For true cavy lovers, the only point could be an baby guinea pigs.

Thankfully, Guinea Pigs are perfect for children of all ages because not only are they small, they don’t need that much maintenance, and they can even live up to 7 years in captivity.

Peruvian Guinea Pigs are Perfect Pet for Children

The only Registered charity supporting guinea pigs, in Hunsbury, Northampton. Registered Charity Number: 1168004 Providing life-enhancing care for Guinea P

Cute white guinea pig

Cute white guinea pig